Automations for Roller Shutters, Awnings and Shutters

Automations for Roller Shutters, Awnings and Shutters

Whatever kind of rolling shutter, awning or swinging shutter you wish to automate, QUIKO offers you a perfect solution. 

Explore our catalogue and discover the PUMA and TWINGO automation series.

PUMA is the full range of tubular motors designed to automate any kind of domestic rolling shutter or awning. Every PUMA series tubular motor comes with built in limit switches and a specific tool to set them up easily.  Each PUMA rolling shutter motor has been designed to work noiselessly and not to change the working parameters of the rolling shutter or awning. Awning motors of the PUMA series include manual override system to open the allow manual operation in the case of electrical failure.

TWINGO is our range of shutter motors for swinging shutters. With TWINGO you can easily automate either window based swinging shutters or even swinging garage doors.

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