Automatic Doors

QUIKO introduces their new line of automatic door openers, capable of automating either single (max 160kg for WINNY and max 120kg for WINNY LIGHT) or double leaf (max 130+130kg for WINNY and max 80+80Kg for WINNY LIGHT) sliding doors. SWINGY series automations represent instead the ideal solution to automate swinging doors weighing up to 200Kg. 

Every QUIKO automatic door opener is produced with top quality components and features the latest technologies for the safety and convenience of the user. 

Each automatic sliding door operator from QUIKO is compliant to the latest European directives and includes in-built premium quality standards. Functions such as slow-down and obstacle detection are but two of the features that every QUIKO sliding door product includes. 

Check the weight and size of your door to select the perfect opener from our extensive automatic door catalogue, offering the perfect solution for your brand new and easy to install automatic door opener.

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